Human history is full of upheavals. It seems like periods of uncertainty and instability consist the rule of it and not the exception. To compare our world with any other point in history though, is probably pointless and even unnecessary, granted that history will always be simplified, misleading, and different from today’s world. We should thus better focus on the current world itself.

Today, it seems to me that there is a universal crisis. Someone could claim that you can put the word crisis almost next to every word: economic crisis, ecological crisis, refugee crisis, cultural crisis, existential crisis, mental health crisis, dating crisis, crisis between human relations, and a lot more. The moment you mention any of them, it is quite certain that at least a few people will agree that such a crisis exists.

The world today, especially in an era where the development of mass media has almost peaked, is changing constantly and is changing pretty fast, and we can at least be certain about one thing: the old world as we knew it is more and more going away and a new one is emerging in front of us. How is this world going to be? How will it look like? This is hard to say. But we should never forget that it is us people who determine, or at least could determine, how the world is and how it can be. It is up to us to shape the world around us into a place which would serve us and not the other way around; into a place where unnecessary discomfort, unnecessary sadness and unnecessary anxiety will not exist and all men and women will be free to channel most of their time and energy into things they genuinely prefer, without being obliged to degrade themselves, directly or indirectly, into mere economic tools.

Throughout time I have realized that most people, at the bottom of their hearts, would prefer to have their lives guided by love and be sexually satisfied, instead of being alone and lonely; build genuine and affectionate relationships instead of superficial and utilitarian ones; live a vibrant real life instead of a digital dull one; be vigorous and healthy, instead of being bored and tired with poor health; be economically secure and live a serene life, instead of being poor and stressed; be truly themselves instead of pretending or being alienated; be smart, instead of being dumb; favor friendship instead of pointless antagonism; explore life instead of passively conforming to it. In a word, most people, eventually, I claim would be better off having a life driven mostly by Love, Health, Knowledge, Courage, Creativity, Joy, Honesty, Humbleness, Self-Care, Friendship, Civic Engagement, Clean Environment, Freedom and Leisure, instead of an egocentric and conformist life, driven mostly by Money, Fame, Domination, Fear, Control, Status, Validation, Career and Consumerism.

I created this website in order to communicate some of the results of my research and those of others about how to get better both individually and socially — things that are interconnected.

Will the reader find the content on this website valuable? I cannot tell in advance. I can say, however, that if someone puts the proper amount of effort needed, it can be transformative and lead to a much more interesting and fulfilling life.

Lazaros Giannas
January, 2019